About Trumbo Soap

Trumbo Soap is made from Ashley Trumbo's home in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood using the cold process method. All soap is made using organic and vegan ingredients. All of the ingredients are combined to make beautiful soap that has a creamy, soft lather, and is good for all skin types. Cold process soap making involves a 4-6 week dry time. This makes the soap last a long time, much longer than store bought bars!

You can purchase Trumbo Soap now at: 

Buddy: https://hi-buddy.org/

Exfolia Boatnical: https://www.exfoliabotanical.online/about

Open Produce: https://openproduce.org/

Interested in making a special purchase or bringing Trumbo Soap to your store? Contact us at trumbosoap@gmail.com.